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Health and Safety

Access Scaffolding

Working at height is a dangerous task for anybody. We specialise in it and make it safer for everybody

Over the last 20 years we have seen health and safety continue to evolve making sure more of us go home to our families every day.

We have always been an industry leader in implementing new health and safety measures, these include;

  • All scaffolding crews are led by a trained and qualified scaffolder, no matter the task.
  • Dedicated health and safety management
  • Availability of video logging of weekly scaffold checks

We provide the following training to our staffensure your are adequtely looked after:

  • First Aid
  • Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Scaffolding Tickets
  • Working at Height and Rescue
  • Site Safe Passport
  • Vehicle and Machinery Licencing
  • Confined Space

We welcome all new health and safety initiatives that will make working everyday safer for both us and other trades on site.

If your site wishes to exceed industry standards we are always keen to be involved.

What our Health and Safety practices involve

Company Safety Meetings

We hold regular safety meeting involving all our staff. In addition to health and safety updates at these meetings we also give industry updates, celebrate staff accomplishments, formally inspect safety equipment.

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Prior to starting each new job our scaffolding teams complete their own Hazard identification and Task Analysis where hazards and controls are discussed and implemented. This keeps everybody aware.

Staff Training

All staff members hold current SiteSafe Passports. All staff involved in scaffolding tasks (frontline and management) hold a current Certificate of Competence or are signed up to a training agreement with Skills New Zealand.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

In order to ensure a safe work environment all staff report incidents no matter how small. We conduct ICAM investigations for all LTI’s and review processes as a minimum for all near-misses.

Monitoring and Supervision

The effectiveness of hazard controls are continuously under review. We recognise with new technology and constantly evolving work methodology new ways of keeping everybody safe arise. We are committed to maintaining the best level of safety.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We are committed to ensuring the good health and safety of everybody on site and at our workplace. We conduct regular drug and alcohol testing of staff at all levels by a third party drug testing agency. A good site is a sober site.

Staff Engagement

We provide inclusive communication channels and encourage all staff to voice their ideas and concerns either personally or through a staff representative. Often it is our frontline staff that identify and control hazards.

Industry Best Safety Equipment

We do not spare an expense when providing our staff with their personal protective equipment. All scaffolders are issued with the best height safety equipment to carry out their duties safely.

Access Scaffolding is 100% committed to a safe work environment to all staff members and clients

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